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Ask these to yourself.

  • Am I good at literature?
  • Do I love reading books?
  • Can I write beautiful stories?
  • Do I have the patience to write, re-write, edit and go through 100 times reading my own article again and again?

Then yes, you can become a content writer, proof reader, book critic and what not! There are so many options listed below in the area of content writing.

What is content writing?

Any type of information that will educate, inform, entertain, motivate, inspire, convince, or persuade a certain group of people is referred to as content. To put it another way, content creation is all about resolving issues for a certain audience. Because you’re solving problems, you’re truly providing value to this group of people. And when you provide value to this group of people, you earn their trust, which is a crucial component of developing a brand.


  • Do not think to please Search Engines and kill creativity.
  • Do not get intimidated assuming you need to be creative.
  • Take too much inspiration from other content and not writing your own thoughts.
  • Do not publish without checking the facts.
  • Don’t throw fancy words to replicate Shashi Tharoor (lol, no offense to him) or google to get synonyms to rephrase the copied content. Aim only for clear conveying of your message. When you have clarity, you will be able to express it in a straightforward manner, which is considerably more appealing than trying to sound fancy and full of jargon.


  • Adding value to the content to build trust and trust is a key ingredient in building a brand
  • Giving right information
  • Keeping the target audience in mind before writing. Know well about your target audience.
  • Address the problem, solve it.  learning how to listen and understand the problems of your audience is the need of the hour.

How and where to start it all?

I have listed some of the roles from Fiverr.

  • Articles & Blog Posts,
  • Translation.
  • Proofreading & Editing,
  • Resume Writing,
  • Cover Letters,
  • LinkedIn Profiles,
  • Ad Copy,
  • Sales Copy,
  • Social Media Copy,
  • Email Copy,
  • Case Studies,
  • Book & eBook Writing,
  • Book Editing,
  • Scriptwriting,
  • Podcast Writing,
  • Beta Reading,
  • Creative Writing,
  • Brand Voice & Tone,
  • UX Writing,
  • Speechwriting,
  • eLearning Content Development,
  • White Papers,
  • Website Content,
  • Product Descriptions,
  • Press Releases,
  • Business Names & Slogans,
  • Technical Writing,
  • Legal Writing,
  • Grant Writing,
  • Transcripts,
  • Research & Summaries.

But how to get professional about it?

Learn technical skills related to Google Standards.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation. In short, you type some thing on Google, a lot of suggestions show up. How did these suggestions come? There is a lot of process behind that you need to understand. Like Algorithms build on some list of conditions. How a web page is indexed, what are blog articles and featured articles etc. This is like an ocean that is diffcult to explain on one blog. You can do the following instead :

  • Read, read and read. Sign up for website newsletters related to content writing.
  • Join free / paid webinars that teach you some tools, tips, and techniques,
  • Join Linkedin and add people who are into content writing and get in touch with them to ask your doubts.
  • Discuss with your fellow content writers.
  • Write samples and ask for corrections. Write articles and publish on Linkedin.
  • Build your portfolio slowly. Remember you don’t get anything out of urgency.

Some of the websites to watch videos related to content writing :

  • Coursera
  • Udemy
  • Udacity
  • Edx
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Skillshare
  • Alison
  • Khan Academy
  • TED-Ed
  • Upgrad

Some of the coolest tools to learn from:

Content Writing Tools for Brainstorming : Ideaflip, Hubspot, Portent.

Tools for editing and writing to make your content sparkle : Grammarly, Hemingway, StackEdit, CalmlyWriter, Copyscape, Unicheck, Power Thesaurus.

Getting attention to your blog content with social media management tools : Hootsuite!

Some other tools : Ahrefs, Coschedule, Pushcrew, Buffer, Buzzstream, Sniply, Yoast SEO Wunderlist, Woven, Trello, Dropbox, Feedly, Alltop, Twitter Trending topics, Reddit,

To improve engagement, use multimedia technologies to create visualisations: Canva, Infographic Video Maker, Venngage,, Snappa, Memegenerator, Camtasia Spreaker,

I hope this info is helpful to begin somewhere. Finally I just have few words, whatever you choose, do it with consistency and wait with patience to get some results. Remember there is no magic or overnight success.

See you in the next post,

Love & peace

Shruthi <3



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