Shruthi Bharadwaj is one of the nicest person I have met, she is determined, honest and […]
“I have had the pleasure of working with Shruthi on our community projects aimed at people […]
First wave learning centre is an excellent place to learn, shruthi is a very knowledge able […]
Shruthi focuses on the skills of the student rather than just the marks oriented. Subjects are […]
Shruthi is very good at enabling the student to explore the potential. She took up the […]
Learned Kannada from Shruthi and it was a great experience. Good for the student to come […]
Edit Ananth Y N “People at first wave know their job when it comes to courses.the […]
“She is really very nice with respect to understanding where exactly we get stuck and helps […]
“It helped me understand the domain’s intricacies and polish my skills. Highly recommended. “
Shruthi has put up a great canvas as an Institution for excellence be it on the […]